Malta Enterprise opens arms with advice and support for Blockchain Startups on Blockchain Island

Malta Enterprise opens arms with advice and support for Blockchain Startups on Blockchain Island

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This is the very first episode of MyblockchainIsland with your hostess Carla Maree @carlamaree and Anthony David Gatt @AnthonyDGatt from Malta Enterprise

Malta Enterprise may be considered as a neutral welcoming party for all businesses looking into Malta for their companies.

This episode is sponsored by TalentXD, TalentXD is a boutique recruitment and talent advisory house, specialised in iGaming, Esports, Financial Services and Blockchain.

Malta Enterprise offers a number of opportunities to make your landing in Malta a little softer and welcoming. We discuss with Anthony David Gatt about several opportunities, such as:

Business Loan which repayable over a period of 10 years with an interest rate of 3.5%

Startup Finance – One incentive with 3 pillars

  1. The first pillar offers matching share capital up to 200K euro /Malta Enterprise will match it

Start up stage: Idea that has been tested, with potential interest from other investors, clear strategy and structured business plan or white paper. Financial, visions, employment strategy, go to market strategy.

2. Second Pillar is capped at another 200K can be redeemed as a refund on fixed assets.

3. Third Pillar is a crowd funding approach, where Malta enterprise match what you raise, up to 100K. It’s broken down to of four rounds of 25K. Ideal for pre ICOs companies. Not an easy process but certainly available for the best companies who are eager to come into the country

Process of application requires filling in an application, narrative and business plan, financial annexes. Malta Enterprise will assist you with the submission and are committed to swift feedback within 8 weeks. Pitch might be required.

Taxation Regime

For anyone who wants to come to Malta there is one corporate tax band riding onto 35%, non resident shareholder have the opportunity to make use of the refund making it come down to 5%. Completely sanctioned by the EU.

Companies who are bringing their companies here can fill in an application for Incentive tax credits

  • Companies – 0-50 employees where they can redeem up to 30% on the capital expenditure of your company
  • Companies – 50 – 250 employees, can redeem up to 20%
  • Over 250 it is 10%

Other incentives towards employees apply to anyone earning more than 45K annually is entitled to apply for a personal tax benefit of 15%.

R&D assistance

It must qualify as real true R&D. There is a test you can do before you do a lot of paper work. There is a two pager prior to going forward with full application.

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