#010 Worlds first AI art auction at Malta Blockchain Awards

In this SPECIAL episode Angelo Dalli explains the worlds first AI Art Auction that will be held at the Malta Blockchain Awards which will be held in Malta on the 31st October 2018.

It’s never been done before, in conjunction with Umnai’s AI system Uma (for Universal Machine Artist) artist Mark Mallia will be painting an original painting and the AI will then interpreting the original painting. The AI is trained to watch Mark as he paints, photos will also be taken. The AI watches his work and his style and then reproduces a similar piece of art. For AI techies out there adversarial networks are being used to do this.  The two piece will be revealed and exposed at the Malta Blockchain Awards where an auction will take place. Hopefully the buyer will take the pair which will be a one of a kind and first of its kind know to us. These efforts are being done with

Photo by the talented Aleksey Leonov — Angelo Dalli (left) with Mark Mallia (right)

The President of Malta will be at the awards and all proceeds of the Malta Blockchain Awards will be going to charity –  more info here: https://maltablockchainawards.com

Angelo is a local entrepreneur who is focusing on AI. If you’d like to learn more about him, he has been on the show before, so check out his dedicated video here. For more information about Umnai’s AI system Uma (for Universal Machine Artist) – please click here

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