#009 Educating the world about Blockchain with Andreas M. Antonopoulos

I’ve never been so nervous during an interview thus far, but getting to interview Andreas M. Antonopoulos as your 9th episode is pretty awesome… So glad I can share this with all of you. Enjoy!


Show notes and Links

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a renown figure in the blockchain space for his insightful and educational efforts. He has now written 4 books which I will link to below and is also a lecturer at the University of Nicosia.

We kick of the episode with me epically failing to try and get a better mark on my University course, Msc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia where Andreas is currently my teacher. He didn’t ask me which unit I was doing but I am in my second semester but am doing the free unit we referred to in the chat as MOOC, which is formally called ‘Introduction to Digital Currency’

Moving on Andreas talks about the ups and downs in the space and congratulates everyone who is still around after the last 6 months. His confidence in blockchain continues however as he tells us how he started in blockchain. As a great programmer, Andreas was always interested in programming and specifically cryptography. He was a consultant prior to jumping down the blockchain rabbit hole, and finally telling his clients that he was moving on to something else. He informs me that he went into lock down for over 4 months just reading and programming, rinse and repeat, until he thought he had a pretty decent understanding of the space. Yet humbly he admits that he quickly felt completely out of his league once he tried to match himself up to the big international programmers specialised in cryptography, it was then that he realised that he had a very special skill and that was that he could understand what these blockchain legends were talking about and was able to break it down for people like me (and maybe you) to understand.

Andreas journey has been amazing. He tell us that he never imagined every being published, but he holds a strong clasp on his integrity and morals. Everything must be free as well he tells me. Disclosure: I have to agree with him integrity is everything in this space and like Andreas I decided a few months ago not to have sponsors for the MyBlockchainIsland podcast/webcast. Luckily the studio is free (thanks to Alex from so I don’t have any other overheads other than my own time spent contacting speakers, researching discussion topics and recording the sessions. This is not a money making business for me. He has done over 300 videos, which you can find links to from his website.

Being Maltese, the country that has made international waves about its providing a legal framework for virtual currencies, ICOs and DLT, I simply had to ask Andreas what he thought about regulation in the space. He kept it general and quite to the point, stating that blockchains are meant to be self governing, he explains his point well but finally concludes that it is a good thing that countries/governments are open to allowing their citizens to be part of this decentralised movement.

A very special thank you to Andreas for being so patience with me during the recording of this video.

You can following Andreas on Twitter via his handle: (@aantonop)


University of Nicosia, Msc in Digital Currency Here

University of Nicosia, Free MOOC course, Introduction to digital currency (12 weeks free online course, with certificate on blockchain!) Here

Books by Andreas (purchase links):

Internet of Money

Internet of Money (Volume 2)

Mastering Bitcoin

Mastering Ethereum

Free Books:

Mastering Bitcoin


Videos by Andreas:



Maltese Regulation

Malta Digital Innovation Authority


Special Thanks

Special thanks goes out to Jonathan Galea who introduced me to Andreas’s works. Thank you for inspiring me to be inspired.

Also a special thanks to Gab and Hartej from Hosho for making it possible for me to get access to someone like Andreas via their amazing conference HoshoCon.

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